Chasing the Rain is a powerful and deeply moving exploration of the way our efforts to relieve suffering in the world often end up exposing the shadows inside ourselves. Matt Lanter's stunning performance steers this movie into human heights and depths seldom visited, laying bare the messy interconnections between global and personal suffering. This film raises vital questions and refuses to give the easy answers we might expect. An important work for our challenging time." 

N.T. Wright

Best-selling author, speaker, and professor at University of St. Andrews School of Divinity

Chasing the Rain is a breathtaking, beautiful, well-written film that explores compounding suffering – suffering on top of suffering on top of more. But the story is like life – juxtaposing humor amidst pain. In some scenes, I would lurch over and heave-cry, not just because of the suffering depicted but also because of the cliché-free message of empathy that I connected with in a very deep and personal way. Then, sometimes even in the same scene, I’d find myself belly-laughing because the humor is so perfect. This is all around SO good.” 

–Grace Sandra

Writer & Social Justice Advocate

"Cynthia Gus knows what's important in a story. And she's the first filmmaker I’ve met in Hollywood who isn’t full of shit.” 

Josh Becker

Director/Writer, acclaimed credits include the original Evil Dead, Alien Apocalypse, Xena: Warrior Princess series, and his frequent collaborations with Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi

"We need films like Chasing The Rain in our world. Films that are honest, gritty, and tell it how it is. Films that speak about what suffering is really like and what it means to live and wait in the darkness for hope. Chasing the Rain gripped me in ways few art forms have, and I can't wait for others to experience it when it is released. I believe it is entering our world at just the right time - when we all need a voice for the pain. Cynthia Gus has given us one." 

–B. Dickinson

InterVarsity National Arts Leader

“I crave stories that paint real people facing real life in real ways. As the mom in what we call a “double-whammy family” (2 of our 4 kids were diagnosed with significant issues requiring surgery, and our oldest died at the age of 8), I have less than zero patience for pat answers, empty promises, rumors of miracles, and bullshit like “God won’t give you more than you can handle.” Cynthia has written a story of real courage in the face of life-crushing suffering with none of the empty clichés that characterize our society’s impotence in the face of tragedy. This film has a satisfying ending without disrespecting pain, loss, and grief. Her cast and crew are top-notch. I can’t stop talking about this film to anyone I run across (and there are many of us) who, like me, keeps waiting for the next clod of dung to hit the fan.” 

Joy Bennett


"This movie is beautiful. Cohesive. Coherent. The quality of production is professional, and the story flowed perfectly through the entire thing. Cynthia tells a story here that feels very thick, like a main course. The end result is an emotional and powerful ride."

Shane Claiborne

Founder of The Simple Way, author, speaker, and peacemaker

emotional and powerful ride

"Is there a purpose to life, or is our life and everything else just a random pointless event?  Is it possible to have hope in the face of hopeless suffering? Is it possible to find life-nourishing rain in the midst of a life-killing drought? Chasing the Rain doesn't offer easy answers, but it brilliantly helps us realize how deeply these questions are lodged in our thirsty hearts."

–Greg Boyd

M.Div., PhD., theologian, best-selling author, and speaker/teacher