All We're Asking For

is a little like, comment, and share action. 

Seriously! Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are two of our best ways to let people know that we made a film about life without using any cliches or platitudes or uber-simplistic moralisms. When you click like, leave a comment, and share or retweet, it gives this little film a big boost. So please and thank you to all of you who follow us on social media. Keep up the good work!

Calling All Superfans

You’re already a fan of Chasing the Rain, but could you be a SUPERFAN? Take our test. 

  • Have you ‘liked’ at least 34% of our posts?
  • Do you comment on, share, and/or retweet any of our posts? (This is SUPER helpful!)
  • Are you a fan of any one of our cast members?
  • Do you own a Greg Boyd book?
  • Do you know what the T stands for in “N.T. Wright”?
  • Do you like hosting parties and inviting your friends to see movies you love?
  • Have you always wanted to be part of a red-carpet event?

If you checked off one or more of the above questions, we need you! We're looking for volunteers to help us in many different ways from helping with local screenings to sharing the word online and in person. If that sounds like you, fill out the form linked to below, and we'll be in touch!

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